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About Pleion Group Inc

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Building the future
in harmony with nature.

Pleion Group Inc. is a Caribbean and US-based company with offices in the USA, Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica. Our purpose is to trigger economic growth through business development in the Caribbean and beyond.

We are a unique combination of real estate, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, transportation, employment and services that meets the full scope needs of the individual and the community. We are passionate about collaboration, connection, communication, and compassion.


Our story began on November 17th 2020, when the former Caribbean Israel Finance led by H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas, launched a financing instrument to provide access to capital for developmental projects in the Caribbean as this has been a significant limitation for Caribbean economies.  A subsequent partnership with the Guyana National Cooperative Credit Union Ltd to build homes for low-income workers and young professionals in Guyana led to the formation of Pleion Group Inc. which was established to take strategic advantage of expanding opportunities for further infrastructure and economic development within the southern Caribbean nation. 

In 2021, Mr. Raphael D’angelis, principal of Upturn Funds, a leading venture capital and investment firm based in New York, was invited to join the board as a shareholder having significantly contributed to the structuring of new enterprises and project financing on behalf of the organization to help position projects across the Caribbean, namely in Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.  With his strategic input and skills, he has successfully managed to craft an inclusive network of visionaries, investors, and decision-makers.  


In the first quarter of 2023, Pleion Group Inc. and JW Doyle Associates, a multi-sector holding company led by J W Doyle, a serial, multi-sector entrepreneur, expressed a desire to merge operations bringing an impressive 47 + years of experience and an expansive business portfolio to Pleion Group Inc. notably increasing the Group’s line of businesses and sectors. 

Pleion Group Inc. is now strategically structured at all levels to be a leading economic solution in Guyana and the Caribbean and is poised to significantly contribute to the economic development of the Caribbean, helping to build a new generation of entrepreneurs while simultaneously allowing for a progressively greater number of local participation, within the countries Pleion Group Inc. operates. 

Our Story

Our Story

Our Vision

To be the leading economic development company in the Caribbean that delivers world class, innovative projects through the development of a highly skilled, local workforce.

Our Brand Character

Quality / Sustainable / Innovative / Global / Diverse


Our Mission

We are an economic development company that exists to drive the transfer of wealth to the working class in the Caribbean.

Our Brand Pillars


Innovation is the hallmark of our development projects and what we aim to create.

DiversityPeople . Plant . Projects

Diversity is in the DNA of our organisation. Diversity in the people we serve.

Diversity in our plan and diversity in our projects.


Improving the lives of women, the working class, families, and communities.

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