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Toni Spinozzi

Toni Spinozzi

Chief Marketing Officer

As an art director and branding specialist, Toni Spinozzi’s conviction to his craft has led him to become the leader behind many major marketing campaigns we have been exposed to today; from introducing the first online education platform for Kaplan Inc.® to creating an innovative marketing strategy and developing brands for products from Novartis®, Shell® and many other local and global companies.

He continues to thrive in creative and challenging environments.

He started by following his passion for art through advertising in Italy. He learned through experience rather than the traditional university route. His drive brought him to New York City at the age of 27, positioning himself in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Mr. Spinozzi’s story is one of inspiration for many.

“At the age of 15 years old, I knew that this was my passion. By implementing my creative skills, as well as applying all that I have learned in a series of relevant jobs, I have been able to see success in many areas of my work.” Toni Spinozzi

Currently: Co-Founder and Managing Director of Hammer U.S.A. (

Resides in New York City.

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