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Road Solutions

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Guyana’s National Development Strategy


Constraints to Guyana's Development

  • The roads of Guyana are mostly classified as ‘very poor’.

  • There are very few permanent roads in the hinterland of the country.

  • Of the existing road network of just over 1,600 miles, only 19 percent comprises primary roads, while 21 percent consists of feeder roads which link coastal agricultural areas to the primary road network.

The gross inadequacy of the transport system prevents social and economic development in several ways:

  • Increases production costs and, therefore, reduces competitiveness, particularly in mining and forestry;

  • It inhibits capacity to access natural resources (gold, timber, diamonds, soils suitable for agriculture) that are not located on the coastland; and

  • Creates a physical divide between coastal communities and the interior of the country

Delivery is the Name of the Game

  • Guyana’s poor pavement infrastructure is restricting economic growth

  • With the latest discovery of the largest oil discovery globally the Government of Guyana will have the capacity to MAKE A CHANGE!

  • Change the lives of the people of Guyana through significant and focused upgrading of the country’s road infrastructure.

  • While significant funds are expected, infrastructure development is lagging and needs to be addressed proactively now.

  • Together, AnyWay and Pleion, offer the government to take a proactive approach to improve the quality of paved roads, upgrade unsurfaced roads to surfaced roads, and further develop links between coastal communicates and the interior

  • A Finance-Design-Build package which is all based on local construction force will allow delivery of projects, now.

  • 70 years of global business experience

  • Over 20 yeas of direct stabilization experience

  • Have capacity to assist with any phase of a transport project

  • Commitment to success from the start to end of a project lifecycle

  • Implement leading edge technologies and techniques through all phases of work

  • Professional technology-driven solutions

  • Multinational team of experts

  • Experience in dealing with a wide variety of challenging projects in challenging conditions

  • Access to project funding

Pleion Logo Base-16.png
  • A Guyanese-based consortium of construction, financing, architectural, marketing & sales, and property development companies joining together to create the “Gateway to Guyana” project.

  • Three pillars:

    • Infrastructure development

    • Residential development

    • Real Estate

  • Pleion is building the next generation of sustainable communities– a hybrid of physical and digital neighborhoods within cities.

  • It is a unique combination of real estate, technology, programming and services that meets the full scope needs of the individual and the community.

  • Pleion is passionate about collaboration, connection, communication, and compassion

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