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Raphael D'angelis



Good judgment comes from experience. Raphael D’angelis is a seasoned entrepreneur who brings decades of experience with projects that range from real estate, technology, and water treatment. The common denominator of his work is innovation. His projects span the globe. He has served as Co-Creator of Greensand Plus and has developed real estate concepts in New York City. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Upturn Funds. In his career he advises major corporations like Mana Group, Mack-Cali Realty REIT, Tokbeauty, Fujitsu Corporation, Inversand Company, Produquimica Brazil, Amman & Witney, Louis Berger Group, Douglas Elliman (Chairwoman of the Office of Retail Group) and others.

Assembling brilliant teams to implement disruptive visions and concepts that he adopts or co-creates, Raphael believes that having a team with great management skills is a key competitive differentiator when the time comes to deliver impactful interventions in a fraction of the time large-scale transformations typically take. Through the engagement of key stakeholders, architects, politicians, financial institutions and real estate developers, he has successfully managed to craft an inclusive network of visionaries, investors and decision-makers, which acts as a powerful enabler behind the construction of fabrics of break through projects.


Whether it is an architecture project or data mining for artificial intelligence, Mr. D’angelis believes that innovation comes from the less corrupt mind. “I have the belief that if you know too much about a subject you are not able to innovate due to a pre-set concept of right and wrong. It is a constant challenge to see the world around us outside the boxes that we, ourselves, create.”

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