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Pleion Prefab

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Pleion Prefab Optimizes Prefab Construction



  • Identifies the best prefab building systems & materials for each project

  • Sources them from our curated, global supply chain

  • Manages the design, logistics, delivery & installation (as needed)

BIMport Proprietary, Cloud-Based Platform

Features & Benefits

  • Team Collaboration

  • Component Database

  • Off-Site Construction

  • On-Site Assembly

Cost Effective: Apple Model = Low Capex

Global Reach

  • Instead, we have relationships with factories in the US & Asia

  • BIMport helps identity global capacity & find the right system (steel, wood, etc)

  • This all allows us to focus on:

    • Product Design​

    • Client Service

    • Market Penetration & Growth

    • Sustainable, renewable materials used as efficiently as can be. This is the future of construction.

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