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Pleion Group Patrick Tannis

Patrick Tannis

Director of Financial Services

As a seasoned finance executive, Patrick has an acute understanding of the regional, global banking and investment environments. In the Caribbean he  spent the past 34 years as a financial advisor to several international banks entities. As a relationship-development expert, he has  built solid client bases, designed industry appropriate tools and  enhanced  market synergies which  facilitated significant organic revenue growth stemming from appropriate product development systems which he participated in designing and authoring.


Patrick has demonstrated proven leadership and team-building skills, with the ability to direct strong teams, that have consistently maintained sustainable expansive growth results. 


As Relationship Manager Head of Business for Barbados, Patrick Tannis served as a key relationship leader in the investment management and private banking services to new and existing high net-worth clientele where he established and maintained strong relationships with fixed income and residual earning investment clients, continuously driving revenue growth, and innovative growth in the credit card and mortgage portfolios, internationally. . 


As Head of International Premier and Personal Banking  (International Banking Sector) he wrote the business case and managed,  underwrote and built the expansive portfolio of several hundred million USD in cash balances as well as a substantial multi Million dollar portfolio in lendings to facilitate client needs including USD mortgages. He has supervised placements and the returns on those funds in dynamic capacities across the Barclays group for safe returns and where he managed a team of 3 senior officials and 17administrative support staff. 

In his early years as a young Barclays Account Executive, he formulated and implemented the original strategy for Barclays Bank for the Barclays Premier product in the Caribbean, with the model duplicated across the region which became the Strategic Business Unit that made the difference in the Banks product offering, capturing mid to high end clients in retail banking sector. This directly impacted on the Bank’s balance sheet and under his leadership became the ultimate cross-selling tool for other products from low risk to High-Net-Worth individuals. 


Currently as an International Banking Consultant, he advises clientele of private, personal and corporate, and Government based entities on international and regional financial products, instruments and services, where he also leads the development of financial tools. This includes the brokering of competitive pricing on financial trade and transactions, advising both client and commercial lenders on the most efficient methods within the retail and International commercial banking sectors. 

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