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Pleion Group Pablo Bolanous

With over 20 years of experience, Pablo M. Bolanous has been a point of reference in restaurant and specialty project design in New York City. His projects include the Ecuadorian Consulate of New York City and many major restaurants in the metro area. Pablo has succeeded where most have failed. With deep knowledge of construction costs and permitting systems, he brings an incredible array of project management skills. Experience through design is the main focus of Pablo’s work.

Whether he is designing a hotel or a food hall, every detail focuses on how the consumer perceives the space around them. “I am a firm believer that design has to be based on the experience that it provides to the customers.” Mr. Bolanous has joined the WeedWorkX Project, as the head architect. He is responsible for reviewing the construction aspect of every project. He delivers the vision for this group.

Resides in New York City.

Pablo Bolanous

Chief Architecture Officer

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