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Garfield Sargeant

Chief Operations Officer


“Without a vision, a people will perish”, is the fundamental principle guiding the life work of Garfield Sargeant.  As a management professional in the building and construction sector it is not sufficient to do great work, but great work that inspires.  Educated in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom and accumulating over twenty years of work experience in the United Kingdom, United States of America and the Dutch Caribbean, Mr. Sargeant brings to construction management the convergence of the pragmatic multi-purposing mind set of the Caribbean with the advance applied building technology of Europe and North America.

Over the twenty years, Mr. Sargeant led projects in the Dutch Caribbean, United Kingdom, the United States and Guyana, building energy efficient homes and sustainable infrastructural, industrial and commercial ventures. His portfolio includes both Government funded projects, Venture Capital initiatives and private investment residential developments. More recently, an added dimension aligned to his desire to inspire has been the development of a competent workforce through the acquiring of knowledge, skills and the right attitudes to foster the growth of a highly skilled labour across all trades ready to service project opportunities while bringing added value to the lives of many.

As a motivational force Garfield shares the sentiments of Bobby Unser in his famous success quote that “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” a sentiment that is truly inspiring.

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