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Eddie Fraser


Sitting on over a decade of banking experience, Eddie Fraser has amassed a wealth of knowledge in Financial Restructuring for both individuals and small businesses, large scale corporate financing and financial risk management through the identification of risk in the global business environment and the impact on the local economy.

His passion for Risk Assessment has led him to become a Certified Member of the Institute of Risk Management and the American Academy of Project Management, which furthered his underlined agenda of aiding both individuals and corporations on a course of sound financial literacy.

Additionally, growing up in a family of contractors, Eddie has grown to admire the intricacies involved in both residential and commercial construction. From a young age, he has been heavily involved in multiple construction projects and has continued his involvement over the years. By harnessing both his financial background in calculated risk assessment and his desire for infrastructural development, he is able to combine them and turn it into a tremendous asset in his professional life.

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