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Pleion Group Debbie Persaud

Debbie Persaud


“Believe you can and you are half way there!” speaks to the believer that accomplished Attorney at Law Ms. Debbie Persaud is. She believes that all things are possible and this mantra has helped to fashion her can do attitude that has seen her grace the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court of the Judicature and as a Public servant function within the Ministry of Legal Affairs as a Trust Officer.

Her years of experience as a Trust Officer with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and her responsibilities at the Magistrate Court had added the new dimension of finance to compliment her legal skills. Her responsibilities having exposed her to people of all different persuasion has developed in her excellent communication skills, skills that have allowed her to navigate the often challenging waters of management within the Public Sector work environment.

Debbie has spent the majority of her professional life in Public Service and currently manages the Co-ops department within the Ministry of Labour with legislative oversight for the National Cooperative Movement as it rebuilds for relevancy, profitability and sustainability.

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