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Jay W. Doyle



J W Doyle is a business executive whose wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial footprint spans over 47 years across the real estate construction, development, oil, and gas industries. Shortly after his 4+ years in Vietnam he founded JW Doyle & Associates launching his career in real estate. He was instrumental in the development of major real estate projects in the mid 70s in Texas before moving to Philadelphia where he continued large scale commercial and residential development in the USA.


J W Doyle expanded his real estate expertise to the Caribbean where he was actively involved in the expansion of the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the US Virgin Islands infrastructure development in the late 70s.


As a serial entrepreneur and global cross-cultural dealmaker, J W Doyle’ s business portfolio grew to one hundred and ten companies from start-ups to mergers and acquisitions (M & A) within Europe, Asia, USA, and the Caribbean. Under the Reba Development company, Doyle was responsible for the construction and development of 38’000 condos within 12 years and over 5.6 million sq. ft of commercial space and shopping centers in the USA, namely Las Vegas, Boston Massachusetts, and Atlanta Georgia.


In the oil and gas sector, his company Dailford Management Group led the restoration and reopening of abandon gas wells in the state of Kentucky transforming them from zero production and consolidating them into a leading, regional gas company at significant profit for every lease owner. He also brokers oil for countries and corporations globally to date having broker up to 52million barrels within a 12 month period.

In the arena of shipping and freight forwarding, under Douglas Shipping, Doyle was pivotal in creating a shipping route from China to the USA to facilitate the transportation of goods on behalf of J W Doyle’s business clients and customers. A strategic move that realized the reduction in delays in the supply chain.  One advantage that significantly impacted efficiencies was the elimination of middlemen and the logistical challenges created by this supply chain structure in the movement of goods to the benefit of J W Doyle clients and end-users.


In the sector of Agriculture, J W Doyle amassed an agricultural landbank in the United States creating multiple farms that produced wheat, soybeans, corn other types of vegetables and fruits.

 These experiences and successes have now enabled J W Doyle to significantly contribute to the economic development of the Caribbean and helping to build a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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