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Building the future

in Harmony with Nature.

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Building the future
in harmony with nature.

Pleion Inc. is a Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Suriname and Jamaica based family of construction, financing, architectural, agriculture, marketing & sales, and property development companies joining together to trigger economic growth through business development.

It is a unique combination of real estate, technology, programming and services that meets the full scope needs of the individual and the community. We are passionate about collaboration, connection, communication, and compassion.

Our Project Divisions

Our Services


Our architecture harmonizes with nature to create iconic structures and smart cities.


We use cost-efficient methods that utilise the latest construction technology in the industry.

Venture Capital

We provide venture capital solutions for projects that meet our criteria

Road Solutions

We provide road solutions for government with up to 100% financing.

Property Development

Our developments add social and economic value to communities.

Prefab Housing

We offer the most efficient and excellent modular and steel-framing construction in the Caribbean at competitive prices.


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